Composer - Drummer


Rémi Subjobert was born in 1984.

As a composer and drummer, Rémi Subjobert has always been fascinated by emerging technologies and thrives in an eclectic world of music.


At eight years old, Rémi began his musical studies playing the recorder at the Conservatoire de Clermont-Ferrand (France), and discovered the music band Korn at the age of twelve, which led him to learn the drums through private Agostini lessons until the age of twenty.


Parallel to this, he received a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Production, Engineering and Mechanical Conception.


At the age of twenty, he decided to make a career out of music, and pursued his studies at the Nancy International Music Academy (France), with renowned teachers such as Franck Agulhon, Yannick Robert, Dominique Di Piazza… He grew immensely fond of jazz and discovered artists such as Miles Davis, Erik Truffaz and Magma.

As a drummer, Rémi Subjobert has had opportunities to collaborate with numerous artists : Sparkles (rock), Watt Else (Rock Funk Blues Cover and Jamband), Who z Jack (Power Pop Rock), Stephen Dedalus & Loup didg (electro trip), Charly psyko’lego (Funk Acid-Jazz Afro), Bleu de Chauffe (Blues Funk), Delirium Tremens (70’s Rock Trio), Trock (Variety rock songs), Corgeon (trash death metal)…


Thanks to these collaborations, several recording and video sessions came to light, as well as seven CDs and a passion for stage life with over two hundred live concert performances.


Rémi is currently a part of the bands Térébenthine (progressive rock) and Hot Coals (a tribute band to Rory Gallagher).

After completing his course in modern music in Nancy, Rémi Subjobert also took up the piano, and studied classical and jazz piano as well as the organ at the Conservatoire de Clermont-Ferrand (France).


Here he discovered the vast orchestra and chamber music repertoires, and developed a keen interest for Chopin, Bach and Pärt.


Fascinated by technological innovations, he also strengthened his skills in electronically assisted music.


Having been a student in composition for several years and having obtained his certificat de fin d’études (end of studies certificate) in classical harmonisation and counterpoint composition by 2012, Rémi Subjobert then decided to fully pursue his career as a composer.


He has already accepted several composition and musical arrangement commissions, as well as more personal works for orchestra and for piano.


He also wrote the soundtracks to several short films (Métronome, Indrik Circus, Anti…) and video games (such as Void Control), as well as Fanzines (La Maquerelle, Micr0lab…).

Influenced by the bands Cypress Hill, Jedi Mind Tricks and Eminem, he has also had the opportunity to work alongside rappers such as Mortem and DEA.


In 2015, Rémi created the band Acid Quintet (dreamlike acoustics), in the composition styles of Ludovico Einaudi and Philip Glass.


In 2018, he obtained the Diplôme d’Etat in modern amplified music, specializing as a drummer, at the Ecole Supérieur de Musique de Bourgogne Franche-Comté (France).


In 2019, Rémi also created the band Black Chamber Orchestra, mixing electronic music and metal symphony, influenced by Venetian Snares and Fleshgod Apocalypse, and further developed his skills in music mixing and sound design.


Currently, Rémi Subjobert is working on the music for the show Mue, mixing dance, music and video.