Composer - Drummer

Acid Quintet

Rémi Subjobert created the group Acid Quintet in 2015, a dreamlike acoustics formation. The idea flourished when instrumentalists from both classical and rock backgrounds decided to get together. This chamber orchestra offers a hybrid fairy-like repertoire, inspired by many sources, especially cinematographics.



Album Oscillation colorée (2020)

  1.Oscillation colorée               5.Brume                 

        2.Bâton de pluie               6.Matière noire              

  3. Paons-du-jour                7.Gribouillage          

    4.Ricochets              8.Toujours plus à l'ouest 

EP Acid Quintet (2016)

1.Toujours plus à l'ouest

2.Matière noire




Petits Pantins (2022)

Believer (2019)

Toujours plus à l'ouest (2018)

Oscillation colorée (2019)