Composer - Drummer

Discography as a drummer

Rémi Subjobert has had opportunities to collaborate with various artists : Sparkles (rock), Watt Else (Rock Funk Blues Cover and Jamband), Who z Jack (Power Pop Rock), Stephen Dedalus & Loup didg (electro trip), Charly psyko’lego (Funk Acid-Jazz Afro), Bleu de Chauffe (Blues Funk), Delirium Tremens (70’s Rock Trio), Trock (Variety rock songs), Corgeon (trash death metal)…


Thanks to these collaborations, seven CDs have been released, as well as a passion for stage life with over two hundred live concert performances.


Rémi is currently a part of the groups Térébenthine (progressive rock) and Hot Coals (a tribute band to Rory Gallagher).


Promenade au bord de l'abîme (2022)

     1. Promenade au bord de l'abîme   

2. Accroche toi      

3. Course poursuite       4. Chute sans fin

   5. Sommeil paradoxal    6. Décélération

7. Désert fertile    8. Tempête ionique

9. Mirage   10. Est ce qu'on tombe encore

Progressive rock

Who z jack


Papa Legba (2016)

1. Sticky old home   2. Yaka hoodoo

3. Toy dog   4. Brain hunter

5. Papa legba


Bonus track you tube :

Matière noire (2017)

     1. Folie cynique    2. 120 DB          

3. Agent 00       4. Fais tourner

   5. Matière noire     6. Big bang attack 

7. Frappe au hasard    8. Scène finale

Progressive rock

Power pop rock

Bleu de chauffe

Charly psyko'lego

Bleu de chauffe (2009)

        1. Spoonfull      2. Tomorrow night        

 3. Stevie's blast!       4. The sky is crying

5. Rollin' and tumblin'

Drôles de gammes (2012)

 1. The dub system    2. New freaky funky

3. The machinist      4. Doors revival

Funk acid jazz afro

Blues funk


Delirium tremens trio

Delirium tremens (2007)

        1. Pride & joy      2. Purple haze          

  3. Red house       4. Manic depression

5. Moby dick

Trock (2006)

1. Seven nation army    2. Get up stand up        

3. Get back      4. Born to be wild

Trio rock 70's

French variety songs