Composer - Drummer

Photo credits

Biography/Contact/Credits page background : Improve Tone Studios


Composer page background : Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

Acid Quintet page background : Yann Cabello

Arrangements and stylistic works page background : Zylenia

Black Chamber Orchestra page background : Garance Alves

Black Chamber Orchestra Page : album cover from a photo courtesy of Maxime Bobis

Competitions page background : Jérôme Coppée

Fanzine page background : Alexandre Duret-Lutz

Works for orchestra and for piano page background : Oknidius

Hip-hop productions page background : Marie Aschehoug-Clauteaux

Live performance page background : Florent Chretien V


Drummer page background : StockSnap

Discography page background : Laurie Roche

Videos page background : Laurie Roche

Pedagogy and teaching page background : Céline Nadeau


Translation credit from french to english : Delphine Rossé