Composer - Drummer


Rémi Subjobert first wanted to learn the drums at the age of twelve, when he discovered metal music, notably thanks to the group Kom. He took private Agostini lessons and began playing in bands until the age of twenty.

He then decided to make a career out of music, and studied at the International Music Academy in Nancy (France) with renowned teachers such as Frank Agulhorn, Olivier Baldissera, Gaël Ferret, Alain Gozzo, Davy Honnet, Richard Paul and Arnaud-David Morellini, Denis Palatin, Jean Marc Robin, Fred Villard...

He also developed a keen interest in the jazz and fusion music styles.

After his studies, Rémi Subjobert had opportunities to collaborate with numerous artists : Sparkles (rock), Watt Else (rock funk blues cover and jamband), Who z Jack (power pop rock), Stephen Dedalus & Loup didg (electro trip), Charly psyko’lego (funk acid-jazz afro), Bleu de Chauffe (blues funk), Delirium Tremens (70’s rock trio), Trock (variety rock songs), Corgeon (trash death metal)…

Thanks to these collaborations, several recording and video sessions came to light, as well as seven CDs and a passion for stage life with over two hundred live concert performances.

In 2018, he obtained the Diplôme d’Etat in modern amplified music, specializing as a drummer, at the Ecole Supérieur de Musique de Bourgogne Franche-Comté (France).

Rémi is currently a part of the groups Térébenthine (progressive rock) and Hot Coals (a tribute band to Rory Gallagher).